Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in Somerset and Wiltshire

Whatever the nature of your establishment, we supply a wide range of kitchen equipment suitable for all kinds of catering businesses. From knives through to cling film and wet floor signs, we do it all. As one of the leading kitchen equipment suppliers in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire, we offer a wide range of lines, fast delivery and excellent customer service.

chef using professional chopping board

Kitchen Foils and Cling Films

We sell a wide range of kitchen foils and cling films to meet the demands of busy catering environments. Our kitchen foils include professional non-stick foil and our cling films are microwaveable safe. We also sell foil and film dispensing systems from Wrapmaster and Cutterbox making use quicker and more convenient.

cling film wrapped around a salad

Baking Parchment

Great for baking trays, cake tins, and also as a food wrap, our baking parchment paper is oven safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 230°C.  We also sell parchment dispensers meaning less waste and an accurate cut first time.

Chopping boards

Our range of dishwasher safe and hard-wearing chopping boards are available as single units or in sets. Colour coded for safe food preparation they are available in various sizes and thicknesses.

wooden chopping board
colour coded chopping boards

Professional Kitchen Knives

We sell a wide range of kitchen knives for the professional chef. With professional kitchen knives to suit any budget, including premium and economy brands we have the perfect solution for all catering establishments. Brands include Global, Victorinox, Sabatier and Hygiplas.

Food thermometers

Ensure your food is safe with our range of food thermometers. We sell a wide range of catering thermometers including digital, infrared and multiprobe. All thermometers are high quality and offer reliable and accurate readings.

Digital Thermometer

Food preparation gloves

A range of powdered and non-powdered food preparation gloves in a choice of sizes and colours. Sizes range from small to extra large.

Kitchen Appliances

We sell a wide range of microwaves, industrial fridges, ovens, glass-washers and dishwashers suitable for busy commercial kitchens. Brands include Samsung and Buffalo to name a few. 


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